Heaven’s Floor

Heaven’s Floor

Duration 86 min.
Country Canada and USA
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Screenings Nov 20, 2016 3:00 pm

A photographer chases adventure from Los Angeles to the Canadian Arctic and for the first time she finds herself on the line between life and death. Desperate for more meaning in her life, Julia, (Clea Duvall) meets a fearless expedition leader Jack, (Timothy V. Murphy) who convinces her to join a photographic journey to the Canadian Arctic. Despite growing tension with her husband Ed, (Toby Huss), Julia chooses to go. The whimsical trip becomes a life threatening disaster. Julia alone, ill equipped, finds herself stranded on sea ice. Alone in the frozen north, temperatures below minus 30, darkness falls.

Fearing for her life… Julia spots a lone skidoo racing across the frozen tundra.
Malaya, an eleven—year old orphaned Inuit girl, (Katie May— Dunford), and her uncle rescue Julia. They take her to a small Inuit community by the Arctic Circle, where the child opens the door to her unique and mysterious world. Malaya shares Inuit throat singing and ice fishing. Julia is transfixed, until she discovers the dark underbelly of Malaya’s home. Julia is troubled by her inability to rescue Malaya from a childhood that so closely resembled hers.

Tragedy strikes, Julia returns to the arctic to adopt Malaya. The expansive north is replaced by the crowded south, and Julia’s superficial world crashes. Malaya alone, unwanted by Julia’s husband and overwhelmed by the coldness of concrete, asks to return home, forcing Julia to make a decision that leaves us wondering, who really saved whom…


Julia Clea DuVall
Malaya Katie May Dunford
Ed Toby Huss
Director Lori Stoll
Producer Philip Rose pga, Justin Ford, Lori Stoll, and Sally Hanson
Writer Lori Stoll