Dawn Wolf Socha

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D W SochaDawn Wolf Socha (Mohawk Tribe of the Iroquois Nation) currently works as a writer for television, radio and print ads as well as for a web content hub. She is also a judge for the NYC Midnight short story competition and has a short film going into production.

Previously, Socha held a position in the writers’ room of the television show ‘Unforgettable’ and worked as an assistant at WME. These fast paced environments have trained Socha in the framework and expectations put on a television writer.

While studying film and Archaeology at Ithaca College, Socha won the Rod Serling Award for screenwriting and in 2015 sold a short story to Jason T. Reed Ventures as well as published two short stories that are available as an Ace Double for Nook, Kindle and iBook formats.

Socha’s work integrates her Native American heritage and her archaeological studies with hard science and mythologies of the world.