Bret Quinn

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View More: Quinn’s roots begin on the Fort Peck Reservation near Frazer, Montana. His grandmother left the Reservation after she married an Irish white man from Canada. They traveled all around the country, settling near Helena, Montana. Bret’s mother also married an Irish white man (which explains Bret’s white skin) and they traveled around California in a band who became semi-famous. Bret’s parents soon relocated to Montana, where they adopted Hobo, a stray beagle who chewed on Bret’s books and GI Joe’s during the day. As a result, Bret spent his childhood biking 1.5 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, to the public library to check out more books. After getting turned down by the Air Force because of his poor vision, he learned he couldn’t reach the stars, and books were too pricey, so he decided to write stories himself. He wrote to Gene Roddenberry for advice. Gene didn’t write back. On the bright side, Bret attended Montana State University with Craig Kilborn, where Bill Pullman was teaching directing classes. It was there Bret discovered his love for writing. He double-majored in English and Television production, and worked at a studio in Nashville for 14 years before completing his MFA in Writing and Producing for TV at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.